U.S. Flooring Company’s Concrete Division performs all phases of removal and replacement, with qualified and experienced professionals.

USF provides the following services:

  • Inspection / Examination
  • Saw Cutting / Removal
  • Replacement
  • Walls & Flatwork


Before beginning the removal process, we fully inspect the area for underlying problems. Concrete can be damaged by aggregate expansion, bacterial corrosion, calcium leaching, chemical damage, and other elements. Deteriorating structures can cause many problems and hazards for facilities, and result in increasing costs over time if not remedied.


The removal process begins with the saw cutting and excavation of the existing concrete to the specified depth below grade. If necessary, we will install new backfill, then compact the fill to ensure a stable base.


Replacement begins with drilling perimeter dowels into existing slab and setting cross-webbed rebar. Then we form and pour the concrete to the specifications of the customer. Expansion and control joints are cut as necessary. Finally, the surface is hand-trowel or brush finished.