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In the Food and Beverage industry, a clean and hygienic antimicrobial floor is crucial. Food manufacturing facilities are constantly exposed to corrosive by-products and contaminants including oils, blood, fats, sugars and natural food acids which can contaminate the clean zone, causing bacterial growth.

In the Pharmaceutical industry, a hygienic flooring system is crucial. From production plants to research laboratories, Pharmaceutical facilities need a safe, germ-free environment to conduct its functions.

In the Healthcare industry, a clean, hygienic, and aesthetically pleasing floor system is crucial. Your floor has to fight against harmful bacteria and other harmful substances.

In the Manufacturing industry, a tough and long-lasting industrial floor system is crucial. You need an industrial floor that can withstand heavy machinery and traffic, chemicals, oil, and grease. Your facility needs a tough, slip resistant industrial floor to conduct its functions properly. From loading bays and distribution centers to manufacturing areas, we’ve got you covered.

In Aviation and Aerospace facilities, an impact resistant and chemical resistant floor is crucial.  From design and assembly areas to maintenance areas, you need a floor that can withstand heavy traffic, chemicals, oils, and grease.  We also provide floor systems that offer conductive and electrostatic dissipative properties.

In the Automotive industry, a clean, slip resistant and grease-proof floor is crucial. Automotive facilities need floors that can withstand heavy machinery and heavy traffic, while at the same creating a more productive environment. Our industrial floors have got you covered.

In the Chemical Processing industry, a floor that offers total protection against harmful chemicals is crucial. But you need protection from more than just chemicals. Our floors offer corrosion and erosion protection, mechanical resistance, and thermal shock resistance. Our industrial chemical resistant floors have got you covered.

In the Retail industry, a contemporary and decorative floor system is crucial. You need an industrial floor that will last and withstand heavy constant foot traffic, while providing a visually appealing atmosphere.

About U.S. Flooring Company

Who We Are

U.S. Flooring Company is a leading industrial flooring contractor. We provide quality industrial flooring solutions – including epoxy, urethane, MMA, vitrified tile and acid brick / dairy tile. Our floors are equipped with enhanced features and hygiene-conscious formulations. We have a diversified contracting team backed by years of experience and we offer quality products suited to meet the needs of our clients.

What Sets Us Apart

U.S. Flooring Company is a single-source industrial contractor performing all work with our own crews. With our headquarters located in Joplin, MO, we are able to service clients in the Midwest and beyond, offering a wide range of industrial flooring products. Our crews are teamed with the right equipment and dust collection systems to perform our job to the highest industry standards.

Industrial Environments

Our industrial flooring systems offer many advantages to industrial facilities including excellent chemical resistance, slip resistance and abrasion resistance. Our floors are easy to clean and with Clean Touch®, our Cover-Clad urethane floors offer antimicrobial technology for hygiene-conscious facilities.