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Using Cover-Clad Clean Touch Silver-Ion Antimicrobial Technology, U.S. Flooring Company has developed a Cover-Clad product that reduces bacteria on the surface by up to 99.9%.

The Cover-Clad Clean Touch flooring system caters to hygiene-conscious markets such as Food & Beverage, as well as Pharmaceutical and Healthcare facilities. Apart from being hygienic, Clean Touch floors are chemical and temperature resistant, durable, easy to clean, and slip resistant.

Clean Touch products provide a seamless, joint-free finish with no cracks, preventing dust, dirt and bacteria buildup. This also makes the floor easier to clean.

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Cover-Clad HF

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Cover-Clad MF

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Cover-Clad SFB

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Cover-Clad SFB is a cementitious urethane coving system, designed to complement our Cover-Clad antimicrobial flooring system... MORE