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Diamatic Ultraflor Concrete Polishing

ULTRA-FLOR® systems are specifically designed processes that produce an extremely hardened, dust-proofed, reflective surface that imparts chemical, abrasion and stain resistance to concrete floors.

Diamatic used their extensive global leadership experience to develop the industry's first Ultraflor polished concrete system. Ultraflor is the only comprehensive polished concrete system with a detailed specifications supported by a full-line offering of high-performance products and equipment backed by a complete system warranty.

When specifying polished concrete, it is important to understand that polishing a new or existing concrete slab can expose many imperfections which include cracks, spalls, color and texture variations. An existing concrete slab may also be aged, out of tolerance, deteriorated and unable to be used. The ULTRAFLOR® System is a graduated multi-step, precision process for the polishing of concrete surfaces resulting in unique decorative concrete floors and highly-reflective concrete surfaces.

The system creates a floor that significantly reduces overall life-cycles costs, maintenance requirements and provides numerous environmental benefits.

This one-of-a-kind system incorporates proper substrate preparation, high-performance concrete toppings, concrete treatments, the mechanical process and finishing treatments that result in the ultimate polished concrete floor. The ULTRAFLOR® System extends the life of the floor well beyond typical polishing processes.

1. Diamatic Flor-Sil - Lithium Densifier

A concrete and terrazzo lithium densifier that penetrates deep into the surface providing longer life and higher reflectivity to standard, polished concrete floors.

2. Diamatic Flor-Color - Lithium Densifier

A stainable concrete and terrazzo densifier, formulated with the latest hybrid-lithium chemical technology and is designed for use on outdoor concrete.

3. Diamatic Flor-Guard EX - Stain and Wear Protection Treatment

A specially formulated blend of inorganic hybrid-lithium polymers that work with amazing results to bring new life and luster to dulled and worn floors.

4. Diamatic Flor-Finish - Stain and Wear Protection Treatment

A micro impregnating lithium polymer that provides increased stain resistance, wear protection and lower maintenance for polished concrete surfaces.

View our MSDS sheets to the right for safety information on each part of the Diamatic Ultraflor system.